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Commercial and Consumer Clients

Our never ending commitment to achieve the highest level of recovery performance for our clients is the focus of our efforts. Committing resources and combining that with professionals with experience in all aspects of legal commercial and consumer asset recovery is a critical component to our mission. 


Fraud Detection and Case Resolution

Our specialists bring strong advocacy skills combined with good business judgment to each case. All specialists with our office are sensitive to the fact that each case can be expensive and time-consuming for the client, and the object is to achieve a business or personal objective, not an end in itself. We counsel clients on ways to avoid litigation altogether, as well as practical, less costly alternative methods for the resolution of disputes. The speedy and economical resolution of claims is of critical concern.


Legal Referral

In cases where swift resolution is impossible, the client’s interests are vigorously advocated at each stage. We represent both corporate and individual clients, in various types of matters involving, among other things, complex commercial and corporate transactions, business torts, unfair competition, trade secrets and intellectual property cases, partnership disputes, insurance, banking and loan issues.

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Mixon and Ryan, Acq.

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